If you would like to connect with us, if you would like more information about us,

if you have a prayer request, or would like to give to the ministries of Lake Center,

simply click the blue Title/Link above each paragraph and fill out the online form.

We promise you we will not abuse this information. We simply want to connect with you.




We are so glad you chose to worship with us today. We would love a chance to get to know you.

Don’t forget to stop by the hospitality table for a special gift to say thank you for joining us.

Tell them you filled out the Connect Card online.



If you would like more information on how to receive salvation, baptism, who we are as a church,

how to join Lake Center, or any other information about us, please fill out this 

Information Request form. We would love to visit with you.



We believe we are called to be a people of prayer. We are called to pray for each other.

If you would like us to pray for you, please fill out this Prayer Request form.

We would be honored to pray for you.



If you are visiting us for the first time we do not expect you to give, although you are more than welcome to.

When you click the link you will be able to select what area of ministry you would like to give to.

When you select an item in the dropdown menu it will give you a brief description of each fund.


When you give online or with debit/credit cards a fee is charged to the recipient. 

Because of this when you give online you will be given the opportunity to cover this fee

to insure the church receives your full intended donation amount.


For example, if a donor wants to give $200 using a credit/debit card,

checking the box to pay the fees would bump the donation to $204.70

to ensure that the amount received by Lake Center Baptist Church

is $200 after Stripe’s fees are taken.


A few things to note with this example:


This fee is currently 2.15% of the total amount of the processed transaction (plus $0.30).

Since the covering of the fee increases the size of the transaction,

the final amount paid in fees is a little higher for $204.70 than it would have been for a $200 donation.

On the donation receipt, and in statements issued to the donor, the amount of the gift is $204.70.


ACH donations (giving online through your checking account) are a flat $0.30 for US customers with no %.

For example if electing to cover your fees, your total on a $200 donation would be bumped to $200.30.





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